I created my first EC2 instance (linux) using Amazon Web Services, but I can't connect on any port from any host. I changed the inbound rules on my security groups to allow connections from any ip and any protocol. But when I telnet on port 22 or port 80 or any other port, the network connection times out with no connection.

What else do I need to configure to connect to my EC2 instance from the internet beside the security group inbound rules?

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    This is a real PITA . Thanks for asking: but the answer does not make things more "comfortable". – javadba Feb 26 at 0:34

Apparently all new EC2 instances are created inside a Virtual Private Cloud at Amazon. This means traffic is not routed from the internet to the EC2 host until a few more things are set up. The things to check are:

  • subnet association to the vpc
  • existence of an internet gateway on the vpc
  • association of the subnet to a routing table
  • a new rule in the routing table which routes traffic from the internet to the EC2 host and back

Here is a diagram of this most basic setup from this article at AWS knowledge base support.

enter image description here

I followed this article doing the steps I listed in the bullet list above, and now I can connect on ssh and any other port allowed in the inbound rules for my EC2 host's security group.

  • This is a crazy amount of work for e.g. an ephemeral ec2 instance for a specific task that won't be renewed. Is there really not a shortcut for all this? – javadba Feb 26 at 0:35
  • @javadba there is a shortcut for large scale, and it's called scripting. But unfortunately there is no "quick start" option for one-off newbies. – steampowered Aug 16 at 15:55

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