I want to use different color schemes for different tasks in ConEmu, but I cannot figure out how. I see instructions on how to do this for different programs. However, when I check the override color palette check box, nothing happens, and the option is not retained. (What can I override it to?)

Is there a way to change the color scheme based on the task, rather than the app? (The apps are all the same, I just start in different directories, etc.)



All in the docs. Just add -new_console:P:"yourpalettename" to your shell command line in the Task

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    Thank you. This is outstanding. The program works really well. I found the answer to another question also: how to create new tabs versus new windows. Please pardon my lack of patience. I had spent two hours with a ConsoleZ bug and was pretty frustrated that all my effort getting that set up was down the drain. Thanks for helping me navigate the docs. May 24 '15 at 23:39

I've set mine so that different shells have different color theme/scheme, so that I can easily tell whether I'm in PowerShell or Bash or CMD.

Go to ConEmu's "settings".

ConEmu setting window

  1. Click on Tasks
  2. Select the shell/task that I want to change the scheme/theme of
  3. Add -new_console:P:"paletteName"
    • Don't forget to escape < and > with ^

Example: Powershell (Admin) with Powershell theme

powershell.exe -new_console:a:P:"^<PowerShell^>"

Example: Git Bash with Solarized Git theme

set "PATH=%ConEmuDir%\..\Git\usr\bin;%PATH%" & "%ConEmuDir%\..\Git\git-cmd.exe" --no-cd --command=%ConEmuBaseDirShort%\conemu-msys2-64.exe /usr/bin/bash.exe -l -i -new_console:P:"^<Solarized Git^>"
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