Following this post another super user question, I downloaded hashutils. Works great with with the -r flag to recurse a folder. However, I am unable to recurse a whole drive.

Trying this command, the program returns straight away, with no message:

c:> md5sum.exe -r "F:\"

Using windows 7.

Am I entering the wrong arguments? Is there a way to specify them correctly without writing a script?

Any tips greatly appreciated.


Am I entering the wrong arguments?

From the (minimal) documentation (readme.txt) the quotes " are not required for the filenames argument:

The -r command line switch may be used to walk the directory tree; for example, to get the MD5 hashes of the entire Windows directory tree, run

"md5sum -r C:\Windows".

You cannot use just a drive name as the filename argument.

Try the following command:

md5sum.exe -r F:\*


md5sum -r e:\*
44f15d5d40b008749fbd38b754cb4e58 *e:\Agent\00000001.IDX
e6415767b23268f2bf28da9b90bcab73 *e:\Agent\00000002.IDX
4370bafc009a65b3dc2e6c721e6b5da4 *e:\Agent\00000003.IDX
cc8a1bf949ef58c3effe5a65f97c8052 *e:\Agent\00000004.IDX
2d4ba87616ecbd0d815895dce274cf9c *e:\Agent\00000005.IDX

  • perfect. just what I needed – Leon May 25 '15 at 14:22

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