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I followed the link below to try and fix this issue but unfortuantly DiskPart, GParted or any other method has been unsuccessful. It's a 32GB flash drive and I'm seeing 1.8GB. Any ways of totally wiping and reformatting this to a stock flash drive?

16 GB USB flash drive capacity down to 938 MB

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I've encountered this problem several times. When Gparted, Diskpart, Disk Manager fails me (often times before) I use BootIce. I'm sure there are other alternatives but this is one of my many recommendations and I've found to be more convenient and portable than EaseUs, etc... mention in the link.

It's never been my "go to" program but it does offer more functions, control and user friendly interface than DiskPart and Disk Management. ie: more say over partitioning, specifically the "hidden" partition mentioned in the link, drive letters, etc... check it out, if it doesn't work, let me know.

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    I'm not to sure how to use this tool. I tried going through and re-formating and setting the partition table but its still showing a total of 1.9GB. Is there a tut. on this or anything? – Pie May 26 '15 at 4:33

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