I'm familiar with the Cmd key, but the second one leaves me stumped.


I tried Cmd + Return -- no luck.


According to the article Apple Mac OS X Keyboard Symbols, the symbol refers to the ENTER key.

And according to Apple, the shortcut keys to insert a Page Break is indeed:

Command + ENTER


Command + Return + Fn

As explained by Denis de Bernardy, Apple differentiates between the Enter key and the Return key, even if they are on the same physical location.


Press 'command' and the 'fn' keys, then hit return. (I have no idea what the key is in the drop down menu, either!)


(Command + (fn + return))

I'm pretty sure the (fn + return) part is meant to be a "new page" function, seeing as (fn + up arrow) or (fn + down arrow) are for page up and page down functions, respectively. This answer is a bit late but just in case anyone stumbles across this in the future, I hope I was able to help. :)


This symbol is "Enter" in Number Pad. If you are using a MacBook without Number Pad, press Fn + Cmd + Return to get this shortcut.

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