I am editing a book in LibreOffice Writer.

The first page is the title page; the second page is the table of contents; the third page is Page 1, and on this page I wish to create a right-justified header to read:

Author's Name / BOOK TITLE / 1.

Each subsequent page will have the same header text, but with pages numbering consecutively, 2 through the end of the book.

How is all of this done?

  1. Create a new page style for the content:

    • F11 or Menu Format -> Styles and Formatting;
    • Select Page styles (fourth button from left):

      enter image description here

    • right-click inside the styles list, select New...;

    • edit the new page style's properties:
      • on the Organizer tab, enter a name describing the style (e.g. "Content");
      • on the Header tab, enable the header.
  2. Insert a page break, changing the page style after the TOC:

    • put the cursor at the end of the TOC;
    • Menu Insert -> Manual Break...;
    • Type: Page Break, Style: Content (the name you've assigned to the new page style in step 1), enable Change page number, set value to 1:

      enter image description here

  3. On the first page of the content:

    • click into the header
    • insert the static text Author's Name / BOOK TITLE / as usual;
    • insert the page number using menu Insert -> Field -> Page Number
    • apply right alignment to the header.

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