I have lots of index.html files in unique named folders (one per folder). I wish to rename each file with that of it's parent folder name.





Attempt 1

I have tried rename -vn 's:(/[^/]*)/[^/]*$:$1$1.html:' folder/*/*.html which returns with:

Using expression: sub { use feature ':5.18'; s:(/[^/]*)/[^/]*$:$1$1.html: }
'folder/*/*.html' unchanged

I don't really understand what's happening to be able to fix it.

Attempt 2

Next, I tried rename -n -v '...' folder/*/*.html, which returned with:

Using expression: sub { use feature ':5.18'; ... }
Unimplemented at (eval 2) line 1.

I am using OSX with rename installed.

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That works for me:

rename -vn 's/([^\/]+)\/index/$1\/$1/' folder*/*.html


folder1/index.html renamed as folder1/folder1.html
folder2/index.html renamed as folder2/folder2.html
folder3/index.html renamed as folder3/folder3.html
folder4/index.html renamed as folder4/folder4.html
folder5/index.html renamed as folder5/folder5.html

Another solution with sed:

ls -1 folder*/*.html | sed 's/\([^\/]\+\)\/index.html/mv "\0" "\1\/\1.html"/'


mv "folder1/index.html" "folder1/folder1.html"
mv "folder2/index.html" "folder2/folder2.html"
mv "folder3/index.html" "folder3/folder3.html"
mv "folder4/index.html" "folder4/folder4.html"
mv "folder5/index.html" "folder5/folder5.html"

If that prints the correct commands just pipe it to a bash. But first make sure that the printed commands would work before executing it:

ls -1 folder*/*.html | sed 's/\([^\/]\+\)\/index.html/mv "\0" "\1\/\1.html"/' | bash
  • I still get Using expression: sub { use feature ':5.18'; s/([^\/]+)\/index/$1\/$1/ } 'folder*/*.html' unchanged. Not sure why. I have even reinstalled rename. May 29, 2015 at 10:08
  • @evolutionxbox Do you have perl installed? Then you could just use that rename utillity: tips.webdesign10.com/files/rename.pl.txt. I don't know your homebrew rename utillity posted in your question.
    – chaos
    May 29, 2015 at 10:11
  • I don't have perl installed. I checked the code for homebrew rename and they are very similar. Without -v I don't get any output (which is obvious to me now, even with -n enabled). May 29, 2015 at 10:17
  • @evolutionxbox see my edit, I added a 2nd solution
    – chaos
    May 29, 2015 at 10:32

you can try something like:

for in in `find . -name index.html -type f`
bname=$(dirname $i|sed 's:/::g')
mv $i $(dirname $i)/${bname}.html

P.S. this will work only with one level of directories and files with extension .html

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