This Zimbra installation was setup by personnel no longer here.

Before we proceed to update the suite to a current version, we're first trying to understand what/how it's doing, while lacking any notes or documentation.

I see Nginx and Jetty configuration folders, but it would be inappropriate to start editing them with this amount of uncertainty.


Zimbra 8 will run up to 3 webservers in parallel:

  • Built-in Java webserver for Zimbra core
  • Apache for spelling
  • NgineX for Proxy

Only the first of those is essential, but a simple way to find what's listening on port 80 is to run:

netstat -anp | grep ':80'

It is important to understand, that there is no manual configuration involved: Zimbra's config daemon will take care of that.

I have had good experiences upgrading an orphaned 8.0 (installed by a fired engineer) to current 8.6 by exporting via Zextras migration tool ind importing via Zextras evaluation license.

  • That's certainly good news, but the upgrade is postponed for the moment. Is there some additional information I can provide to help come up with a test for which software is running the webmail? – Louis May 30 '15 at 6:15
  • The webmail service is definitly served by the Java process. Simply run netstat -anp | grep ':80' to see, that port 80 is in use by the java app. – Eugen Rieck May 30 '15 at 6:20
  • But let me stress, that I recommend rebuilding the machine and migrating the data: Chances are, that when the Zimbra installation is undocumented, that the OS installation is worse. – Eugen Rieck May 30 '15 at 6:22

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