In Excel, columnA I have values which need to be tripled in columnB

So I currently have

1   val1
2   val2
3   val3

I'd like each value to be tripled in column B, such as

     A          B
1   val1       val1
2   val2       val1
3   val3       val1
4              val2
5              val2
6              val2
7              val3
8              val3
9              val3

How can I do this?

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Based on Dave's change, formula from B2 onwards should read:


How it works


The ROWS function divided by 3 says that for every 3 rows you fill down the formula, it will look one cell further down for A's value. The first $B$2 uses absolute referencing because you always want the formula to remember where the first cell in B is. The second $B2 will fill down and tell it how far to count to.


The CEILING function with a precision of 1 will ensure your ROWS result (#) is rounded up to the nearest whole number, and so tells us how far down A to go.

INDEX($A$2:$A$9, #)

The INDEX function uses your result to return the #'th item from your table in column A.

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