So I've recently spent an afternoon re-organizing all my booksmarks, and then I accidentally deleted at important folder (which contained a lot of bookmarks).

I managed to restore it, by copying the bookmarks and bookmarks.bak files, and I also kept copy of the newly-organised bookmarks bookmarks and bookmarks.bak file so I could restore them later...

After importing my original booksmarks to firefox (essentially giving me a 'copy' of the deleted folder), I tried to replace the two bookmarks files with the newly organized ones.

However, everytime I do this, chrome re-synchs and replaces the bookmark file with the original. I have tried disabling the synch feature, and this solves the issue temporarily, but as soon as I turn the synch back on, it once again restores it.

How can I solve this?


Figured it out!

Turns out (as expected) chrome stores all bookmark data on a server, then every time you sign in a device it will download the bookmarks to the device.

The way to get round it is resetting the server synch data, which can be found here. Then once it's reset, close chrome, restore the bookmark and bookmarks.bak files, reload chrome, sign in and done!

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I have also found that if you have icloud bookmarks extension in chrome this also mixes up bookmarks. Uninstalling this extension cures the problem immediately

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  • Any details on how bookmarks get mixed up? – vonbrand Aug 12 '19 at 13:45

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