I'm struggling to get the terminology right on this one. I have one of the more modern touch-pads: Dell Inspiron 15 (7548) and want to disable the "light touch" to click. I've previously been using a MacBook Air and want my Dell to behave in the same way (needing a proper hard click, not just a touch).

Is this possible? Everything I've found so far talks about disabling clicking via the touch-pad altogether, but I can't find anything specifically for disabling the "light touch" to click.

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If "disable touch to click" is an option, it will be in the touchpad software. It is usually accessible from Control Panel -> Mouse or from the touchpad system tray icon.

If the option isn't present. You may try updating the touchpad driver/software.

  • I can't find that option and i'm not sure if that's actually what I want (would that prevent me clicking using the touchpad completely?) Jun 1, 2015 at 19:32
  • And there doesn't appear to be a driver for it (windows automatically recognizes it) Jun 1, 2015 at 19:33

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