When I logged into my Windows 7 machine tonight I got the "Get Windows 10" widget/app/popup thingy.

I gave it my e-mail address and hit the "send confirmation" button, fully expecting to get an e-mail by return of electrons (or at least within a few minutes). However, that didn't happen and I'm still waiting to get the e-mail. I have checked my spam folder, both on my local client and the server but the e-mail's not in either place (that was the first thing I did).

Now the paranoid part of me is starting to think that I must have made a mistake when entering the e-mail address and got something so drastically wrong that I'm never going to get the confirmation.

I don't really want to click the "cancel reservation" button just in case I can't restart the process.

I probably did give it the correct e-mail address (or at least an e-mail that will reach me) and there's probably a backlog of e-mails to send. However, how can I assuage that paranoid part of me and check what e-mail address I entered?

  • Looks to me you can cancel and re-reserve at any time, but I don't know if doing so will allow you to enter your e-mail address again. Probably not. BTW the e-mail is just so you get confirmation, but won't affect the reservation process itself. The Win10 bits will still be downloaded to your PC over time regardless. – Karan Jun 1 '15 at 20:15
  • Check your "spam" folder. ;) – MrWhite Jun 1 '15 at 20:21
  • @w3d done that. – ChrisF Jun 1 '15 at 20:22
  • @Karan - oh - I didn't realise that. I though that you'd have to click a link in the e-mail to download it. – ChrisF Jun 1 '15 at 20:24

As the Windows 10 FAQ states:

What happens when I reserve?

When you reserve, you can confirm your device is compatible with Windows 10. Between reservation and when your upgrade is ready, the files you need for the upgrade will be downloaded to your PC to make the final installation go more quickly. Then, when your upgrade is ready after July 29, 2015, you get a notification that lets you get started with your upgrade.

How do I get a confirmation that I’ve reserved my upgrade?

Just click reserve in the Get Windows 10 app and then enter your email address at the confirmation screen.

You can also check your reservation status here:

  • Right click on the Get Windows 10 app or Windows icon located at the right end of the taskbar.

  • Select “Check your upgrade status”

So if Check your upgrade status says you've reserved your upgrade properly, you do not need to worry.

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