Does anyone know if there is a test/lab environment for SonicWALL similar to that of Cisco’s Packet Tracer? I’m trying to find a way to simulate some configuration changes without tampering with my production environment.


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The only one I managed to find was the Dell SonicWALL GMS Demo.

  • This is also the only one that I know of - unfortunately, it lacks a lot of the functionality that Cisco's Packet Tracer has - namely, you can set up a rule in the demo, but you can't send fake traffic to it and watch it be redirected/blocked etc. Also, for a more general link to live SonicWALL demos (including the ability to work with one specific device instead of the management system), check out this link: livedemo.sonicwall.com
    – Jake
    Sep 9, 2015 at 20:20

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