I have a question regarding typing technique. I learned how to type in school, and I type enough that I do occasionally get some wrist fatigue, and when I switch back to the specific techniques I learned in school, my wrists feel better. Specifically, I mean the idea of performing keystrokes like SHIFT+LETTER using two hands rather than the same hand.

Example: I wanna type Linux, so I use my left pinky on shift + right pinky on L, rather than R pinky on shift and R pointer on L.

I often find myself typing strings of parentheses, such as part (a) or html tags like

<i> wow </i>

for which it is very easy to NOT follow the strict typing rules, but appears detrimental to my wrists. So my question is if there are specific patterns used in professional typing which I can employ, or if I just need to work out and practice these patterns using the usual alternating approach.


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Here's a link to a typing lesson covering shift usage. There are many more typing lessons on the site, but that particular one covers shift usage.

It would seem that your assumption is correct: you use the opposite pinky for the shift every time, so for parenthesis you would always be using your left pinky.

  • That's a great website - there are specific lessons targeting exactly what I was talking about, and it would seem that you are correct - the shift rule rules all. Thanks!
    – levitopher
    Jun 3, 2015 at 14:50

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