I'm trying to install the SublimeLinter-chktex package for Sublime Text 3 on Windows 8.1. As part of that I need to install Cygwin and ChkTex.

Following the instructions, I have first installed Cygwin with make and gcc compile. Even though it was not mentioned in the instructions, I added C:\cygwin64\bin to %PATH%.

Then I downloaded ChkTex and saved it in the home directory of Cygwin (C:\Cygwin64\home\USER where USER in my case is Fredrik).

The third step in the instructions is "In the cygwin bash, run configure and make" but then I don't know what to do. I have tried typing configure in Cygwin64 Terminal but get the error message

-bash: configure: command not found

Then, after some googling, I tried typing ./configure which resulted in

-bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

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You have to change the directory before running configure. In Cygwin64 Terminal, type

cd c:
cd cygwin64/home/USER
cd chktex-1.7.2
make install

to install ChkTeX.

However, then you will run into the bug that ChkTex can't handle spaces in paths.

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