I'm running KVM on Linux Mint 17.1, kernel 3.16.0-31-generic. The only guest is a Windows 8.1 VM. I've noticed that if I reboot the host while the guest is running, I'm unable to resume the guest after the host has restarted. Virt-manager just shows the VM as "Suspended", with no power or resume option available. virsh also gives an error when I try to resume it:

zach@koln ~ $ virsh list
Id    Name                           State
2     windows8                       pmsuspended

~ $ virsh resume 2
error: Failed to resume domain 2
error: Requested operation is not valid: domain is pmsuspended

The only solution I've found is to kill the qemu process, which is less than ideal. I don't care if the VM state is discarded when I reboot the host, I'd just prefer that it start back up automatically.

Any suggestions?


It is my understanding (see this Launchpad bug report) that pmsuspended guests could only be woken up via CLI (not from GUI), via the following command:

  virsh dompmwakeup 2

As far as I know, this bug has not been corrected yet, but at least the CLI command works, it certainly does on my Kubuntu host.


I had the same issue, the problem was i was out of space. So I had to cleanup and free space in my home directory. And everything works perfectly as before. Hope this help!

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