I wish to get logfile from a remotePC via a gatewayServer to my local PC without keying passwords. The gateway server used acctA@gatewayServer. The remote PC used acctB@remotePC.

I have setup the SSH private/public keys on both gateway & remote.

From my local PC, I could SSH into remotePC directly via 2 hops without the need to key the 2 accounts' passwords, using: ssh acctA@gatewayServer -t ssh acctB@remotePC

But when I use SCP with ProxyCommand, it ask me for the password for acctB. Why?

scp -Cp -o "ProxyCommand ssh -q acctA@gateway -W remotePC:22" acctB@remotePC:/opt/logpath/log1.tgz log01.tgz

Advance thanks & appreciation to anyone who can advice.


The easiest thing is to introduce these lines in your .ssh/config file:

  Host remotePC
  User          acctB
  HostName      remotePC
  ProxyCommand  ssh AcctA@gatewayServer nc %h %p 2> /dev/null

which you can then use to connect or copy files simply by means of:

  ssh remotePC
  scp acctB@remotePC:/home/AcctB/somefile .

For this to work, you nee the netcat (nc) command installed on the gatewayServer.

If you really insist on a one-liner (but I can never remember all this stuff), here you go:

ssh -o "ProxyCommand ssh acctA@gatewayServer nc -w 1 %h 22" acctB@remotePC

and likewise for scp.

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  • The .ssh/config is in my local PC or at the gatewayServer? The one-liner didn't work, it still prompt for password. – user1340106 Jun 10 '15 at 1:21
  • It should be on your local machine. Try starting the ssh server, on the remote machine B, as follows: sudo service ssh stop; /usr/bin/sshd -Dd and then try to ssh/scp into it. It will send to the screen all sorts of useful debug info. If in doubt, post it. – MariusMatutiae Jun 10 '15 at 4:17

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