I've run into this issue on various Windows Servers: When logged into the server, IIS Windows authentication through a browser does not work for either Windows Auth or Basic Auth.

I have several sites set up with Windows authentication, and when I try to access them from the server I cannot log in. Not with just username or password, or domain+username/password.

However, accessing the same site externally and logging in works just fine, using my Windows log on credentials.

So - why can I not log in locally in this case?

More info:

  • Server is not on a domain (single box)
  • Using Chrome, but also tried with IE on the server same result
  • Access via RDP, using an admin account
  • IIS Basic Authentication fails the same way for application tasks

This is due to a security loopback protection built into Windows XP (and above).

Please see the other two SO answers here:



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