My server is using glibc-2.12.x. when I install certain packages it gives an error.Dependency not found glibc-2.14 or above is required.When I try using yum install glibc* it says server is already installed with the latest version.

how can i upgrade to glibc-2.14 or greater using yum updater? Also is there any problem with using glibc-2.14 without updating centos 6.6 to 7.

Thanks, Vivek.


Run yum info glibc to see what version of glibc is installed and what version is available.

glibc-2.14 is not available to my CentOS 6.8 so I don't think you can use yum to upgrade it.

If you need to install new version of open source software (normal user only) then I highly recommend Linuxbrew everything is installed to your home directory.

Hope this helps

  • this will help me next time.
    – NINJA
    Jul 21 '16 at 4:34

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