(Not sure if I am asking at the right site, as it might be software/hardware related and not exactly gaming. I guess I'll post this question on Arqade too.)

I have been having this problem since 2 days now. While playing the game, everything works fine, on ultra settings, with no overheating (max temp. 70). It has been working fine since the game as been released, and I have had no issues till recently. Nothing has changed on my PC since then.

Now, while playing the game, my PC just restarts. There are no errors, no lags, no game hang, etc. It just restarts as if some one pressed the hard restart button. Once the PC restarts, I start the game, and as soon as my previous save loads, the PC restarts again. (It restarts as soon as I enter play mode, has no problems while its showing the cut-scene while loading the game). I have tried starting and loading the game for 7 times now, my PC restarts as soon as it loads, every single time.

This happens only with Witcher 3 at the moment. It has rendered the game unplayable, as it restarts my PC immediately on starting to play. I do not think it is a hardware issue, as the game has been working flawlessly before the last 2 days. This PC restart problem is completely new, and pretty continuous in occurrence. I was thinking these sudden restarts might be because of the PSU, but I just got this PSU a month ago, and have been running Witcher 3 on it without any issues, till this happened.

My System Info:

CPU: i5 4690k

Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 (BIOS version 1.9)

GPU: MSI GTX 970 (NVIDIA Drivers: 353.06)

RAM: Kingston Hyper X 8GB RAM

PSU: Cooler Master V550w Gold Class

OS: Win 8.1 64 bit

This is what I have tried so far to look into the issue, with no luck in solving the issue unfortunately.

  1. Detached and re-attached all cables from my PSU to the PC components, to ensure they are properly attached.
  2. Tried other games to see if the problem persists (other games work fine)
  3. Did a fresh clean installation of nvidia drivers, latest version (353.06)
  4. Did a fresh clean installation of older nvidia drivers (Witcher 3 Game Ready Drivers)
  5. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game
  6. Used registry cleaner to check registry for any errors etc, cleaned if there were errors
  7. Used System Restore to restore to a time when it was normally working (which is 2 days ago)
  8. Turned of cutscene ubersampling in game visuals.ini file
  9. Uninstalled MSI Afterburner and Riva Tuner (I was just using these to monitor and for OSD, no overclocking etc.)
  10. Tried running the game on varying settings - Low, Med, High etc.
  11. Tried running the 1.04 patch version, in case the issue was with patch 1.05
  12. Tried running New Game instead of loading off a save, still had the same issue.

Any help would be much appreciated.


On checking event logs on windows, I found out that at the exact moment my PC restarts, Critical Kernel Power (event ID 41) error.

enter image description here

Not sure if this gives more clues about the error.

Also, when I am playing, my GPU TDP is around 98-99%. I just started measuring TDP. Is that normal?

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Applications shouldn't make the PC restart randomly at any circumstance, clearly your problem is not related to the game. It's hardware or driver issue.

It's always challenging to determine a defect when it happens at random, unfortunately the only reliable way to find out is changing parts until you find what was causing the issue.

Generally, it's memory. But it's not necessarily defect, sometimes something as simple as inverting the slots can solve the problem.

In this particular case, analyzing your settings, I can also suggest your PSU is dangerously lacking for the graphics card you have, that can be an issue in potential.

If you don't have access to a more robust PSU, you can try and see if shutting down unecessary hardware solves the issue. Unplug the optical drive, secondary disks and any external device you don't require to play the game and see if it solves (or at least mitigates) the problem. If positive, you need a more powerful PSU to have all your stuff running together.

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    They shouldn't, doesn't mean they don't. Things happen, I've made some pretty crazy bugs here and there. Jun 12 '15 at 11:33
  • @DavidGrinberg You can do any bug you want, if the system reboots because of it its system, driver or hardware fault. No exceptions. The MS-DOS era has been over for decades, modern systems control the hardware, not the application you are running.
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    Jun 12 '15 at 16:13
  • Except for all the exceptions where this is incorrect. Its not common, and it probably (but not definitely) isnt the case here, but bugs are bugs, and the more code you write more you have (and modern systems have a lot more code). Jun 12 '15 at 17:17
  • @DavidGrinberg I don't think you realize whats the whole purpose of an operating system. Putting in simple terms, if its not protecting the other applications from an unstable one its not doing its job.
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  • I don't think you understand that systems aren't perfect and bugs aren't on purpose Jun 16 '15 at 11:10

Since the game used to work fine, it suggests it's not hardware, as you already mention. Although it could still be, but I'll address that later.

Since other games work fine and you've played with the settings (graphic settings/sound settings etc) coupled with the comments you made in your OP, the issue actually occurs when you load the game, suggesting one of two things is the issue:

  1. The game file you are loading is corrupted
  2. The game at this point is maxing your resources

If it's the first, then you can start a new game and see if the same issue persists. You may need to take a back up of the game file(s) if you need to restore them later (if possible).

If it's the second, I would suspect you'll see something in Event Viewer which will help you to debug it. I would suspect it's a power issue. Borrow a psu from some one to test it.

  • Thank you for the reply. I thought it might be because of the save file, so I also loaded different save files, of previous points in game, and it restarts in all cases. Including new game.
    – har00n86
    Jun 12 '15 at 9:25
  • @Dave Just because it used to work doesn't automatically discard hardware fault, things break. Some high address memory sector can have gone bad, all work fine until you load something big enough (the game) to require mapping that area, and when you do, the system crash.
    – Havenard
    Jun 12 '15 at 16:19
  • I didn't. I considered the OP can load other games which is likely to have similar strains. Hardware typically works or doesn't. The likely issue is psu but that doesn't mean hardware fault
    – Dave
    Jun 13 '15 at 7:10

Thanks a lot for all the suggestions guys.

I finally found the issue, and it was indeed a faulty PSU.

I overlooked the option earlier as this PSU is very new, and very highly rated, gold class etc. Turns out it was a faulty piece. Because I tried with a much older PSU, 500w, and the problem disappeared.

Thanks for the suggestions and help again, every one.

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