Take for example the Metro newspaper. Ctrl + clicking other articles on the right side opens them in the same tab... grrrr! Yet right-clicking > Open in new tab, does work.

It's frustrating - is there any way to make Ctrl + click work on all websites? Why doesn't this work on the occasional website? I.e. what's the technical reason?


It is because of JavaScript that captures your clicks and, because of that, interferes with your keyboard shortcuts. If you disable JavaScript then shortcuts should start to work again. You can test it by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+I (Developer tools), then clicking Settings (gear icon) and enabling option Disable JavaScript.

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    If you disable javascript then you may lose the functionality of the site as well. The site OP mentioned doesn't show "Must read" in the right-pane if javascript is disabled. But yeah, the solution might help on other websites. – Firelord Jun 14 '15 at 0:14

Middle-clicking seems to work like a ctrl-click (as mentioned by Firelord in the comments).

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