I have a computer at home which runs mpd, and I have a client on that computer (locally) that can play music to my headphones.
I want to be able to use a web client to access my mpd server, and then play that music in the audio device of the client that's using the web client.
So far I've tried ympd to serve up a web page, and I can access that from different devices in my network and control mpd from there. But the problem arrives when I try to play the music - it plays into my headphones at the computer that hosts mpd!

I suspect this is a problem with my configuration, so how do I configure my server to stream audio to a client's audio device? (If that matters I have pulseaudio on the computer that hosts mpd and I would like to keep it for skype).



Nevermind, appearently I have to stream the audio via the http streaming feature in mpd. A couple links that might help you along:
http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=182574 http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=12352

Good Luck!

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