I'm looking for angle brackets which point up and down as UTF-8 characters.

Just for clarification: I need two characters, an angle bracket pointing up and one pointing down.

angel brackets up/down sample


You can consult one of many UTF-8 character lists available on the Internet.

Example: http://www.fileformat.info/info/charset/UTF-8/list.htm



You could use:

  • ︿ / ︿ : ︿ aka «Vertical Left Angle Bracket», ref
  • ﹀ / ﹀ : ﹀ aka «Vertical Right Angle Bracket» ref

Logical and and logical or are two other search terms that should give some options. E.g.:

∧ ⋀ ⋏ ⩑ ⩞ ⩠ Logical and

∨ ⋁ ⋎ ⩒ ⩣ ⩢ Logical or

Also check: https://unicode-search.net/unicode-namesearch.pl?term=angle


You can use left or right angle bracket, or lower than / greater than chars, with css rotation :

  • It will work only if you set position to absolute – Deniz Jun 16 '16 at 13:17
  • You're right, I suppose there are some adjustments, depending on other css properties.I wasn't entering the details, just a way of how to do it. – Pierre-Olivier Vares Jun 20 '16 at 7:28

I found these 2 options at www.w3schools.com:

&#8896; for ⋀ or &#x39B; for Λ


Some examples:

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