I have a fairly decent idea of how build-in Backup & Restore works in Windows 7. However, I need to move my machine's backups to another location, and I need help finding which files to move. I know my machine's name is "Stormwind", and I can see the "STORMWIND" main backup folder in the network backup location, like so:

3 machines' backups including mine

But, below those, I see a bunch of GUID-like filenames with no extension, and I am assuming these are important too. Trouble is, I have no idea which one is "mine". Example: 3 sample GUID-files, no idea which is whose

Is there any way of knowing? Or are these not at all important, and I should stop worrying about it?

  • no harm in backing up those also. – Moab Jun 16 '15 at 17:11
  • Trial and Error might be the best bet. Copy the backup to the new location. Copy one of the GUID files. Attempt to restore a file. Rinse and Repeat until you find the working combination. I say to do this because there likely ISN"T another way to determine which file is for a specific machine otherwise. – Ramhound Jun 16 '15 at 17:30

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