I can't seem to get Thunderbird 3 and Gmail to work together. I've been a Thunderbird user for years, and I have a different Google mail account set up and working already which successfully migrated in from Thunderbird 2.

I'm not even sure at what end the problem is. I think I have the client set up right, and I think the strange cryptic error message I get is from Thunderbird:

Web login required (Failure)

On the Gmail side I have logged in to my account and enabled IMAP. The settings I see in their how-to for Thunderbird 2 all seem to be set right in Thunderbird 3.

I'm at a complete loss as to what else I can check.


Are these IMAP settings the answer?


I have a different google mail account set up and working

Have you enabled IMAP in the Mail account you're trying to add to Thunderbird 3 ?

Image courtesy How-To Geek

Image courtesy How-To Geek

This Google groups discussion indicates few other Non-Thunderbird users are also facing the same problem. You might want to try

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    As I said in my question, yes, I have enabled IMAP on GMail. – Bart B Jan 8 '10 at 0:08

I changed NOTHING - I just waited about an hour, during which time I did log in to the web interface, then, it just started working in Thunderbird. No changes were made on either end.

I guess when ever you get the above error the answer is to be patient.

It's possible I triggered all this by accidentally repeatedly entering the wrong password the first time I tries to access the account from TB. It's also possible that it takes some time for the change in settings to allow IMAP to take effect.


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