I've just spent 1/2 hour trying to find a list of command line switches for vim. Since vim is a "command line editor" a search on "vim command line ..." is not very useful.

I got curious trying to alter the tutor to use my brand new _vimrc file. Finally figured which of these lines in 'vimtutor.bat' to modify:

vim -u NONE -c "so $VIMRUNTIME/tutor/tutor.vim"

Removing the '-u NONE' gets it to do what I want.

Thanks to @Fannyxl for their answer to this question: How to run vimtutor on windows? that showed me where to find the .bat file. If I had enough rep in this community I'd thank them proper...

...and thanks to Heptite and my new rad vim skills:

--noplugin  Skip loading plugins.  Resets the 'loadplugins' option.
    {not in Vi}
    Note that the |-u| argument may also disable loading plugins:
        argument    load vimrc files    load plugins  
        (nothing)       yes         yes
        -u NONE         no          no
        -u NORC         no          yes
        --noplugin      yes         no


:help vim-arguments

Or more specifically:

:help startup-options

Or on the command line, if you want to see a summary:

vim --help

Where do I find the documentation for vim/gvim command line switches?

On Unix the man command can be used to find out information about commands. It displays reference manual pages and can find reference pages by keyword.

To see the reference pages for vim type the following in your shell:

man vim

VIM(1) shows the output from this command. As you can see it documents all of the command line options.

  • Just a note that unixhelp.ed.ac.uk does not seem to be online anymore. – Sabuncu Nov 23 '17 at 10:44
  • @Sabuncu Thanks. Links updated. – DavidPostill Nov 23 '17 at 18:37
  • Am I the first to have the opinion that "man" sucks? It's like someone that just learned to swallow trying to drink from a firehose. We almost never need "all" the options. Just the 20% we use 80% of the time. – M T Apr 5 '18 at 21:03

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