I see references to set -g <command> in tmux, for example

set -g status-right ' #[bg=colour33] Branch #[(git branch)] '

I have googled and looked in man tmux and also info tmux but cant find any info.

what does set -g do?
does it set a variable in the same way that vim uses :set <variable> ?
If so what does the -g do?

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What does the 'set -g' command do in tmux?

  • set is an alias for set-option.

  • -g is used to set the option for the global session or window.

Commands which set options are as follows:

set-option [-agoqsuw] [-t target-session | target-window] option value (alias: set)

Set a window option with -w (equivalent to the set-window-option command), a server option with -s, otherwise a session option.

If -g is specified, the global session or window option is set.

Source tmux — terminal multiplexer

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    Great answer, thanks! yes once you know set is an alias for set-option then it makes sense, i.e. There are options applied at a global level, which may or many not be inherited by the option state of the session and window. I wish I had more rep so I could upvote this answer! Jun 18, 2015 at 10:36
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    Yes, power must have been diverted from the shields just long enough to give me the rep gravity boost I needed to upvote! upvoted :) Jun 18, 2015 at 10:47

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