I have a laptop, but it is not functional. The processor is dead and hence left the laptop useless, I could fix the processor, but it just is very very expensive. I was wondering, remove the RAM and Hard drive from my laptop and put it on my old PC and use it as a Desktop.

Instead of removing the parts bit by bit and making them as a PC; could I just use the hard drive and RAM as a custom built desktop? Or I am just up in the clouds with this idea?


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You probably won't be able to use the laptop RAM in a desktop as they are completely different shapes.
Bigger stick is Desktop, smaller is Laptop

However, the hard drive should be usable. If it's a SATA drive, the connections are exactly the same as a 3.5" desktop drive. An IDE drive will need an adapter like this. You may also need a bracket to mount it in a regular 3.5" drive bay like this.

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