I use multiple mailboxes in Outlook.

My primary mailbox is me@example.com

But I also have 1 additional mailbox e.g. shared@example.com

Now whenever I get a mail in my inbox, me@example.com, I get a notification - a small blue box with the topic and name of sender is displayed on the lower right corner of my monitor for a few seconds.

My boss uses categories (colors) to assign items in the Shared Mailbox. My color is Green. Is it possible to get a popup alert whenever something is categorized as "Green". The message maybe "read"

I want to make clear though, I can't just autoforward the mails from that inbox to my own. it would create more problems than solutions to mix the inboxes like that.

I saw this

New mail notifications for Outlook additional mailboxes

but I need it to apply to any and all mail (read or unread) that changes the "Category" color


No way without building quite complex VBA solution. You will need to create a Form and then color it an show it modeless in a VBA macro. You'll also need to run this macro from Outlook rule instead of "Show Desktop Alert" action.

  • Why would this be complex? My rules work. I just need a macro or something to run my rule every 5 minutes – software is fun Jun 22 '15 at 13:29

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