I am looking for a way to share the screen from a Linux computer to a Windows PC. Allowing the PC to interact with the Linux computer (i.e. clicking on buttons) is not necessary, but it would be fine. I cannot use Chrome Remote Desktop. Are there any applications that can do this?

  • Discord and Wire can do screen sharing and don't require special installs if you have a modern browser. Just tried Discord and it refused to work with Firefox but it works fine in Chromium in incognito mode. Wire I think works with both Firefox and Chromium. – Luc Sep 30 '20 at 23:31

VNC does exactly this. There's dozens of different VNC servers and clients though:



What you are looking for it seems to be a remote desktop software.
You can see a comparison list on wikipedia or on specialized magazines.

Among the others I should suggest you nomachine.

You have to install the server version on the Linux machine (in this case it is the server because it provides the desktop service) and the client on Windows (it is from there that you want to use the other machine).

Note that there exists a not payment version and an enterprise one...


What distribution of Linux are you using?

More importantly, what desktop environment?

If you are using Gnome (Ubuntu), you can get pseudo Screen sharing using gnome-session through putty + Xming, and if you are using Cinnamon (Linux Mint) you can use cinnamon-session in the same way.

It's not quite screen sharing, but if your goal is to just use linux through a GUI from a remote PC, this is probably the easiest solution.

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