The file extension and language is PHP, and need to highlight HTML and JavaScript at the same time with the main language PHP in Notepad++

Example of code to highlight:

    $form_name = 'index';

<!doctype html>

        <script>alert('One = ' + 1);</script>

        <input type="text" value="<?php $form_name; ?>">

Thank you


Notepad++ from PortableApps I have here does that out of the box. File is named "file.php"

see image


A similar question was asked before by a different user.Here's the solution and the link to the original post.


Hope it helped.

  • Please quote the essential parts of the answer from the reference link(s), as the answer can become invalid if the linked page(s) change. Aside from that the link does not answer the question. – DavidPostill Jun 27 '15 at 7:10

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