Hey I have encrypted my hard drive using Bitlocker in windows. How to open my hard drive on Linux and How to remove password ?

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Perhaps you can't (but I don't know Windows and I don't know Bitlocker).

You could (and generally should) have separate disk partitions for Linux, and set up Linux to encrypt some (Linux dedicated) partition (see also dm-crypt). You'll better have three partitions for Linux: a root partition (about 60Gbytes) for the Linux system, a swap partition (perhaps 16Gbytes), and a home partition for your Linux user data (i.e. /home). That home partition can be an encrypted Linux file system (and many recent distributions propose you such a setup at initialization, i.e. Linux installation, time). See also this answer.


BitLocker is a proprietary encryption mechanism created by Microsoft. As a result, if your non-Microsoft OS (I.e. Linux) cannot decrypt BitLocker encryption you cannot access the drive or partition (whichever is encrypted).

A small number of projects for Linux may offer some support but there's no guarantee: enter link description here

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