When I right-click on the highlighted text in Firefox, it shows an option "Search "text" with Google". Is it possible to set this option on key shortcut?


All of the solutions I've found require some sort of addon, but in my opinion, the least invasive method involves using keyconfig.

To set it up:

  1. Install Keyconfig (through the link, I don't believe it can be installed from Get Addons)
  2. Open Keyconfig (via options in Extensions) and add a new key. Call it "Search selected text" or something you can identify, and put the following in the the code section:

    var selectedText = getBrowserSelection();
    if (selectedText) {BrowserSearch.loadSearchFromContext(selectedText);}

Hit okay, then find your key in the list and assign it whatever shortcut you'd like by clicking the box next to "apply" and pressing your key combination.

Source: instructions from "Add Search for Selectin into Edit menu" addon

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