I have the following is my .xinitrc:

xset r rate 250 100 &

Which sets the repeat rate when you are holding a keyboard key to a pretty high value. However, whenever I plug in another keyboard, the rate is reset to a much lower one. Why could that be happening and how do I fix it?

Might that be somehow related to the fact that one of the keyboards is a PS/2 one and the other is a USB one?


I solved the same problem by editing my ~/.xserverrc.

It looks like this:

exec /usr/bin/X -nolisten tcp -ardelay 300 -arinterval 25 "$@"

It's equivalent to xset r rate 300 40, because xset uses frequency while X startup options use a delay (1/25ms = 40Hz). In your case ardelay would be 250 and arinterval would be 10.

Note that I'm using startx to launch my X session but your display manager (if you use one) might not read your xserverrc. Gnome also seems to override the rates even when launched with startx.

I am using a USB keyboard that is attached to my laptop so I doubt PS/2 is related to this.

  • I'm using Arch linux and it works perfectly. Had to restart the x server. – kevin Oct 29 '15 at 20:07
  • yeah proper solution. /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc is the global default (on Debian).. I used to have a cron job before doing an xset call every minute as a silly hack.. – eMPee584 Aug 6 '18 at 3:25

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