An application (or something else) keeps on trying to load DLL files using RegSvr32 when I start my computer and I keep on getting two log windows saying:

The module "C:\Users\H*******\AppData\Local\IPsoft\loader_u.dll" failed to load

The module "C:\Users\H*******\AppData\Local\Evition\New.dll" failed to load

I checked and neither of these files exists.

How can I find out what is trying to load these non-existent DLLs?

Edit: I am not trying to make a general log of all startup services and processes I am just trying to find what process/service made the calls:

regsvr32 "C:\Users\H*******\AppData\Local\IPsoft\loader_u.dll"

regsvr32 "C:\Users\H*******\AppData\Local\Evition\New.dll"


i have the same problem and i think i have resolved it somewhat. i ungraded to windows 10 and the still didn't fix it so i tried to find whatever was trying to run at startup using msconfig . let me just say i think it is cool that you have a startup section in the task manager on windows 10. I disabled the two programs labelled "microsoft (C) register server"


As far as I still know there is no direct way to detect this, but I fixed the issue by going to registry (WINDOWS + R, regedit) searching for the files being called and deleting the keys which referred to them.

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