I have loads of .exe files that got renamed to file1.exe, file2.exe, etc. When you look at a file's Details under Properties (in Windows Explorer), it has the original file name under "Product Name". I am trying to find a way to batch rename them all back to the product name. There are tools that can do this with images, music, etc., but I can't find anything out there that will do it for applications. This would be (fairly) straightforward if there were some way to access the Properties → Details in a command line (batch) context.


You can use PowerShell to do this.

$newname=(get-item .\file1.exe).VersionInfo.ProductName
Rename-Item .\file1.exe -NewName "$newname.exe"


Here's a one-liner that should accomplish what you need:

(gci).name | Where-Object {$_ -like 'file*.exe'} | foreach { $name=(get-item $_).versioninfo.productname;rename-item $_ -NewName "$name.exe"}

to make it like ProductName_ProductVersion.exe :

(gci -Path "E:\test" -Filter *.exe).FullName | %{$NewName = (Get-Item $_).VersionInfo.ProductName +"_" + (Get-Item $_).VersionInfo.ProductVersion;Rename-Item $_ -NewName "$($NewName).exe"}

and if you want to make it like ProductName_FileVersion.exe just replace ProductVersion with FileVersion in code

DO NOT forget to replace E:\test with true path

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