I am doing a little format in which I call data from other cells, from other worksheet to fill it out. I am using VLOOKUP to do that.

So as an example I have:

Name: (Drop down list)

When I select a Name from the drop-down list, the fields for Sex and Organization are filled out automatically, because they have a VLOOKUP formula. The values are taken from a database in another sheet.

However, Items does not fill out. I get "0" as the value it returns. The reason for that, is that the value of items in the database is a drop-down list.


Jhon   Adams       UN     item 1  (This is a drop down list (Male/Female)

The formula I am using is: VLOOKUP(B2,A2:Y40,2,FALSE)

  • B2 - is the Name field (as a drop down list)... all of this in my little format
  • A2:40 - is the entire range of the database 2 - the column the field I want to excel to look up (In this case LAST NAME).

If I do the same formula for SEX, (so instead of VLOOKUP(....,2,FALSE), it would be VLOOKUP(......,4,FALSE) it returns a "0". I imagine that it is because that column is made up with drop-down lists to select Male or Female from a drop-down list.

How can I make it so that when I do VLOOKUP I get the sex displayed correctly? Or which formula can I use so that it does display.

I have another case with ITEMS, but instead of selecting just ONE (Male OR Female) you can select many items as you want from the drop-down list How can I do it so that it displays the data correctly, instead of displaying "0".


If Vlookup returns a zero that means that the cell it returns is empty. Whether or not the cell has a data validation drop down is unimportant. What matters is the value of the cell. If it has text, text will be returned. If it has a number, a number will be returned. If it is empty, a zero will be returned.

In fact, any formula that returns a cell value will show a 0 if the cell is empty.

  • Thank you for answering. I solved the isue with Male or Female, and I alrady made it work. I think I found out why it returns zero with items though. The cell that is a drop down list from the database (the one I want the value from), it's configured with a Macro to have multiple selections. For example: You can select Pencil, Pen, Ereaser, etc (as many as you want).
    – colonel179
    Jul 7 '15 at 15:03

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