How do i use Find and Replace in Files in Notepad++ to delete the following lines from multiple files?

<meta name="perc_linkback" id="perc_linkback" content="xxxxxxxxxxx"/>


<link rel="canonical" href="xxxxxxxxxxx.html"/>

Where xxxxxxxxxxx is a string of different characters that varies in length.


Use following regex string : <meta name="perc_linkback" id="perc_linkback" content=".*"/> to select <meta name="perc_linkback" id="perc_linkback" content="xxxxxxxxxxx"/> And select Regular Expression radio button

enter image description here

Thing to notice is whenever you need to select a variable number of characters use .* And when you need to select . use \.

So to select <link rel="canonical" href="xxxxxxxxxxx\.html"/> search string should be <link rel="canonical" href=".*.html"/>

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