I am planning to get the following motherboard and cpu.

Asrock Rack e3c224d4i-14s Intel Xeon e3-1276v3

However, after reading the spec sheet on Asrock Rack/Intel Ark, the above mentioned motherboard which uses c224 chipset has processor graphics disabled. So I am wondering, does the processor graphics disabled simply means that the video output will not be able to use the integrated gpu? Will I still be able to use the integrated gpu for video transcoding?

The machine will be running as a headless media server.

  • What GPU will you be using? It's likely you can use that for transcoding instead. I'm fairly certain you can not use the integrated GPU in this case, as most transcoding programs assume a GPU device with compute capabilities is available. – Breakthrough Jul 7 '15 at 10:18
  • ok so i need a discrete gpu. Any recommendation? – Mox Jul 7 '15 at 12:33

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