I would like to match cell value to sheet name then return value based on that. How can i do that?

For example, there are 2 column (A and B)

If the value in range A1:A5 = other sheet name Then return cell value of column B in that other sheet name

Thank you in advance.


If A2 in Sheet1 contains the formula, and B2 contains the sheet name "Sheet2", this will fetch the value in Sheet2!A2:


To get the value in Sheet2!B2 instead, you can add 1 to COLUMN():



  • INDIRECT returns the value stored in a cell using some text formatted as a standard cell reference such as "A2", or "Sheet2!$A$2". Now we will try to generate that text automatically.
  • ADDRESS(row, col) converts cell and column numbers to a standard cell reference in text format. ADDRESS(1,1) returns "$A$1", and so on.
  • ROW() returns the number of the row the formula sits in, and COLUMN() for the column number. Since the formula is in A2, ROW() will equal 2 and COLUMN() will equal 1. These are just plain numbers, so we can add 1 to the column number to get B instead of A. We give those numbers to ADDRESS(2,2) to get "$B$2".
  • We append this address to the sheet name we want that is in B2: B2&!"&ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN()), not forgetting the exclamation mark between, to obtain the full cell reference we need: "Sheet2!$B$2"
  • Last step, we provide that text to INDIRECT, which will go and fetch the value at that address.

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