I would like to find the commit that added the following lines of code to solver.cpp for the deep learning library caffe, which is hosted on Github. I am not a contributor or have any special permissions. How do I do that?

template <typename Dtype>
void SGDSolver<Dtype>::ClipGradients() {
  const Dtype clip_gradients = this->param_.clip_gradients();
  if (clip_gradients < 0) { return; }
  const vector<shared_ptr<Blob<Dtype> > >& net_params = this->net_->params();
  Dtype sumsq_diff = 0;
  for (int i = 0; i < net_params.size(); ++i) {
    if (this->net_->param_owners()[i] < 0) {
      sumsq_diff += net_params[i]->sumsq_diff();
  const Dtype l2norm_diff = std::sqrt(sumsq_diff);
  if (l2norm_diff > clip_gradients) {
    Dtype scale_factor = clip_gradients / l2norm_diff;
    LOG(INFO) << "Gradient clipping: scaling down gradients (L2 norm "
        << l2norm_diff << " > " << clip_gradients << ") "
        << "by scale factor " << scale_factor;
    for (int i = 0; i < net_params.size(); ++i) {
      if (this->net_->param_owners()[i] < 0) {
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First, you have to clone the repository to your machine:

git clone https://github.com/BVLC/caffe.git

Simply use git-blame to find out who committed a certain line:

git blame -L 123,123 path/to/file.cpp

Or, for a range of lines, use -L 100,150 or similar. You may want the option -M which detects if lines were moved.

You can also use git-log for the entire commit log:

git log -L 123,123:path/to/file.cpp

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