i was reading an excellent article on HTML5, and the title of the page and section headers had a very distinct font. However, whereas fancy fonts on webpages are historically just images of text, the author of the page was using CSS3's font-face to host the font server-side, so even though i did not have the font on my computer, the webpage still displayed as the author intended.

i poked around the page's CSS and found the following:

  font-family:"Essays 1743";
  src:local("Essays 1743"),url("f/essays1743-min.ttf")

i decided to try downloading the font:

$ wget http://diveintohtml5.org/f/essays1743-min.ttf

and then i dragged the downloaded file into "Font Book" (i'm using mac os x 10.5), but the name appeared as e72ccf962bdd2bc1 - subset of Essays1743, which means if i visit the page again, my browser will not recognize that i now have the font.

the question:
how can i edit the name of the font, preferably with a free program, so that it appears as "Essays 1743" in my 'Font Book', and my browser recognizes that i have the font?


i think my approach was all wrong, the font is available for download (w/ LGPL license). i'm still interested in how i would go about renaming/editing fonts though.

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