In Notepad++, when I press SHIFT+END to select text from the current caret position till the end of the current visual line, the whole logical line till its end limited with CR/LF is selected.

An example. If the caret is in the very first position in a text document, I get this after pressing SHIFT+END:

Notepad++: SHIFT+END selects till the end of logical line

However what I need is this:

Notepad++: SHIFT+END should select till the end of visual line

It seems this is the standard behavior in all well-known document editors including the built-in Windows Notepad & Microsoft Word. How to achieve this in Notepad++? Is there a setting, or another keyboard command for this?

  • I'd be curious about what happens if you press End (instead of Shift End), what happens when you press Ctrl-End, and what happens when you use SC1 or SCiTE (both available from the SCiTE site), since Notepad++ is based on SCiTE. [link]scintilla.org/SciTEDownload.html
    – TOOGAM
    Jul 13 '15 at 11:55
  • @TOOGAM, End works as expected - moves the caret to the end of the visual line. IMHO, now all this is not important as we have a working solution suggested by boot13.
    – TecMan
    Jul 13 '15 at 12:42

You can produce the desired behaviour using the Notepad++ Shortcut Mapper. From the menu, select Settings > Shortcut Mapper..., click the Scintilla commands button, and scroll down to SCI_LINEENDWRAPEXTEND.

In my install of Notepad++, this command has no keyboard shortcut by default. Double-click the entry and select Shift and End on the Shortcut dialog. Click the Add button, then the OK button.

Now you need to get rid of the old shortcut: find the entry for SCI_LINEENDEXTEND and edit it. Change the shortcut to something you're unlikely to use, like Ctrl-Alt-Shift-End, then click OK.

Pressing Shift-End should now select the current line to the right side of the screen as desired. Pressing it again should extend the selection to the next line.

  • 2
    Excellent!! I just set SCI_LINEENDEXTEND to 'None' in my configuration as I do not see any need in this feature.
    – TecMan
    Jul 13 '15 at 12:42
  • Ah, I didn't notice that was an option. Cool! I'm thinking about making that my default setup for Notepad++. I noticed this behaviour before but didn't look into a workaround until I saw your question.
    – boot13
    Jul 13 '15 at 15:33
  • 2
    I also set the mirror command to move the caret to the first character of the current line by the Home key. This is SCI_HOMEDISPLAY. For selection, the corresponding command is SCI_HOMEDISPLAYEXTEND.
    – TecMan
    Nov 25 '15 at 11:29

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