POSIX file ACLs: is it possible to grant default read access for a specific user to new files/directories within a directory, without setting default ACLs for user::/group::/mask::/other::?

On a directory with the following permissions:



sudo setfacl -Rdm user:someuser:rx .

Results in:


In my specific use case this time, the default ACL is to ensure a backup user can access all the contents of the directory. However, a service creates a socket in the directory in question on start, and the other default ACL entries above result in that socket not being world-writable, which it needs to be.

Is there a way to set default file permissions for a specific user without affecting default file permissions otherwise?


Yes it is possible, as like below command

To add ACL for specific user you can try this:

setfacl -m u:kiosk:rw- file_name

To remove ACL for specific user you can try this

setfacl -x u:kiosk file_name

To remove all ACL on that specific file you can

setfacl -b file_name

To check your executable command is accurate or not you can try through getfacl command as like below

getfacl file_name

To get more details about ACL visit http://topicsfeedback.com/base-acl-and-posix-acl-in-linux-system/ or you can try below Apps in google Play Store named as "Advance Linux" this is much details about Linux security system

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  • That is an answer that I was looking for. Thanks a lot – Pavel K Dec 15 '16 at 16:52

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