When there is already one instance of Adobe Reader open with, say, a.pdf, and you launch another file (b.pdf) from, say, your browser, for a brief moment a.pdf is displayed while b.pdf is being processed before opened.

This behavior is annoying if you are an avid keyboard user because it breaks the current flow:

  • if you try to ALT+TAB back to the browser, you'll face a.pdf, which is a relic from something you were doing thirty hours later and will come back to eventually, but wasn't planning to see again right now;
  • if you quickly decide b.pdf isn't interesting and want to go back to the browser ASAP, you ALT+F4 out of it and suddenly, like above, you don't know why you're facing (like above).

Is there any solution for this? I just want to have Adobe Reader show me the file I'm opening. Don't need to restore any ancient previous windows.


One possible answer is to make Windows pass AcroRd32.exe the argument /n by default when opening PDF files.

This creates a new instance of Reader, ignoring the current session with the previously opened files.

The main drawback I see, however, is that if the file was already open, it will be "relaunched," instead of taking advantage of the preexisting window.

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