I have CentOS7.1, samba-4.1.1 , users from ldap

I create share

        path= /path/to/share
        comment = Base
        browseable = yes
        writable = yes
        force group = DomainUsers

create file, set chmod/chown

mkdir -p /path/to/share
chmod 644 /path/to/share
chmod 644 /path/to/share/file.txt
chown user1:DomainUsers /path/to/share/file.txt
ls -l /path/to/share/file.txt

-rw-r--r-- 1 user1 DomainUsers 458 Jul 16 11:41 file.txt

Then, go to windows host, login as user1 and try put few files to my share.

  • View files.txt - OK
  • Create newfiles/dir - Access denied
  • Edit files.txt - Access denied

if chmod g+w /path/to/share/ (drwxr-xr-xm user1:DomainUsers) - create, edit, delete is fine, but my files can edit for any DomainUsers member. It's not good.

How make files writable for my only. DomainUsers for read only.


I would suggest you need the following setup instead....

mkdir -p /path/to/share
chmod 755 /path/to/share
chmod 644 /path/to/share/file.txt
chown -R user1:DomainUsers /path/to/share

Ensuring the directory has the correct access is just as important as the file.
- If the group has WRITE permissions to the directory then anybody can add or delete files.
- This is true also if the individual file was not originally set up with no write access.
- It could still be removed and then re-added as something else.

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