I'd like to upload a handful of HTML files that I want to replace an existing Google Site.

I know I can edit the HTML for each page in Google Sites, but I can't just upload my HTML files or even copy-paste them. I have CSS files and JS files as well.

Is it even possible in Google Apps? Or do I have to use a 3rd-party web host?

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AppEngine can host static files, and can be mapped to a subdomain of your Google Apps domain (ie, if you have example.com, you can make your appengine app be static.example.com, or www.example.com).

You'll need a tiny amount of python (or java) code to make it work.

  • Ah, yes, thanks! I was pondering that, after I posted my question. :) Jan 11, 2010 at 4:06

Unfortunately, that's not possible with Google Apps. You can try Microsoft Office Live Small Business. Once signed up (it's free), activate the third-party design tools option to use upload directly into the web folder.


I don't think you can host your own html on Google Sites this in any way that I know of. I tried importing an html file as an "attachment" (this is what Google Sites seem to call any files intended for site visitors to download). Here is the screenshot:

enter image description here

Looks like they actively don't want you to use the service this way.

If you want to host a basic site for free, there are several site builders out there (including Google Sites) that let you do this. I checked out the one I use (weebly) and it seems they don't let you load an uploaded html page as a normal page either. Looks like preventing people from uploading content not created via the site builder itself. One workaround might be creating a blank template & uploading all content via the "custom html" tag.

This isn't what free site builders are intended for though & may not work forever. If you want to host an actual site, you'd probably be better off with something built for that purpose.

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