I would like there to always be a tmux session on a socket in /tmp/shared with a session of 0. That way I can always attach to the session via SSH:

ssh user@www.example.com -t tmux -S /tmp/shared attach-session -t 0

I want it to be shareable with other users and be able to recreate itself if a less knowledgeable, or careless user uses exit instead of [ctrl] + d when leaving the session.

I'm sure it's possible to do this in a cron, but I don't know that there isn't a better way.


Creating a socket file owned by selected users mutual group and using a session name would be better then using session number.

/// Create session
tmux -S /tmp/shareds new -s sharedsession
/// Change ownership to group
chgrp mutual_group_name /tmp/shareds
/// Run this in other user or ssh session to attach yourself
tmux -S /tmp/shareds attach -t sharedsession

A few ways to check session status:

  1. you can create a cron but it will delay creation of sharedsession because of minimum 1 minute rule.
  2. init.d script to run it as a service, similar to this one
  3. you can install supervisord and use it to auto daemonize your shared session creation script

Last year i used tmate running as a daemon. You can create a tmate server and attached sessions from different machines with using daemonized tmate in them. But i can not guarantee security for this cause i used them in a private network.


The following attaches to session 0 or creates a new session:

tmux new-session -t 0 || tmux

I don't think that you can create sessions with a specific session number, so you might want to consider using a session name. However a custom socket may well be good enough for your situation.

I'm assuming here that if session 0 doesn't exist that it will be created.

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