I have a fresh and activated Windows 7 installation that I would like to use as a Test installation. So I would like to create a Snapshot and be able to completely revert to that snapshot.

As it's not Enterprise/Ultimate, VHD Booting is not an option, and as it's a Netbook, VMWare/VPC is not an option either.

So I wonder if System Restore is good enough, or if I need an imaging solution? (If it helps: I have a Windows Home Server)

I should add that the HD has 2 partitions, and on both are Windows 7 installations. The second partition should be left untouched as this is the main Setup.


System restore is very good now, but it still doesn't beat a full on backup - if you get a virus or anything really serious, you will be in trouble.

Windows comes with a backup utility that can create a full image, I highly recommend you do this to another computer or a external drive.

alt text

When you want to restore, you can just have a bootable USB windows disk, go to repair and as long as you have network or direct access to the image, you will be able to easily restore.

alt text

(Third one down)

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    Nice, i didn't know that this stuff is now built in, and it's even available in the Starter Edition. That will work :) – Michael Stum Jan 11 '10 at 6:05

System Restore is not good enough. and neither is the System Image feature if you ever want to test other operating systems than Windows 7 on that drive/partition (Microsoft either care very little or they're in a state of deep neglect when it comes to Linux OS :).

My favorites are Symantec Ghost Enterprise and Drive Snapshot (both commercial products), if you're looking for some decent free drive imaging tools, have a look at Clonezilla, DriveImageXML or EASEUS Disk Copy.

  • then you're fine with the onboard tools :) – Molly7244 Jan 11 '10 at 20:53

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