Long story short there are webpages and videos I want to display on my secondary monitor while browsing on my main monitor. All of my toolbars and tabs make the browser rather bulky, and I'd like to hide them when I'm just using the window for one webpage.

For example, playing a game on MSN games opens a new popup window, with nothing but the window border and the URL bar:

This is exactly what I want. However, the URL bar doesn't let me navigate to a different site, which is weird. How can I manually open a blank popup window in Firefox, that I can essentially use as a single-tab trimmed-down browser window?


A solution is to use the Web Console Menu (which is not user friendly) :

  • Open the console menu with Ctrl+Shift+K
  • Type in the following JavaScript line window.open("http://google.fr", "Google", "menubar=no, location=yes") and validate with Enter

Please note that you may have to allow pop-up windows to see the new window.

Additionally, you can tune the window with options in the last argument. A list can be found there : https://developer.mozilla.org/fr/docs/Web/API/Window/open


Adding to Toine42's answer, you can create a JavaScript bookmarklet to open a popup window of the current page:


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